Microcredit for Mothers Foundation (MVM) Visit Ba Vi Women’s loans at VietED MFI

On February 21, 2024, representatives of the Dutch MVM sponsor (Ms. Yvonne Veraart and Ms. Fieke) and the leadership of the VietED Microfinance Program visited customers in Ba Vi district, Hanoi city. The purpose of this visit of the sponsors is to personally exchange and listen to customers’ thoughts and aspirations, and the implementation process of VietED’s Microfinance activities to support the Customers create income and improve the quality of life of women when borrowing from MVM through VietED MFI.

During the day, the delegation participated in 03 activities with VietED and customers: (i) Group financial education training; (ii) Visit 02 customers; (iii) Learn about VietED MFI’s lending and loan management process.

Financial Education Training at the Loan Group (Full understanding of VietED organization, Loan and savings products for customers, Purpose of using loans effectively, Principles of customer savings).

All visiting groups attended a 45-minute group training session on Financial Education, then visited customers to deeply understand their circumstances and families.



In the afternoon, the working group at the Branch learned about the savings credit management process and loan applications, and learned more about potential markets.



Through the activities and the very close sharing of loan customers, the group somewhat better understood the difficulties of poor women in Ba Vi district, Hanoi. Mrs. Chu Thi Ai – Head of loan customer representative group at VietED MFI shared: “I am very grateful to the organization for supporting loans so that our women can develop their family economy to escape difficulties, and also I hope to continue borrowing capital at a higher level. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you from the Netherlands again.

MVM delegation has donated and is carrying out procedures to sponsor VietED €15,000 to continue helping poor women in Ba Vi district. Representatives of VietED MFI, Ms. Tuyet Dinh – President and Mr. Ha – Director also shared and thanked the MVM delegation for this extremely meaningful trip and committed to using 100% of the MVM sponsorship money to supporting the poor through Microfinance activities with the next plan for MVM’s support, expanding support objects to include poorer women and wishing to build VietED MFI as a pilot model Share with MVM with partners and countries in the region.

Written by: Thuan Tran – Branch Manager, VietED Ba Vi

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