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Case study 2: Mrs. Chu Thi Vuong is 36 years old, in Dong Bang village, Dong Thai commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi, her family has many children, the children are still of school age, earning money rests heavily on the shoulders of the young couple.

As a borrower who has been with the VietED Foundation since 2019, with a small amount of capital, the couple discussed investing in a traditional duck roaster to serve people in the village. Every day, in addition to taking care of children, she has to take advantage of roasting duck in the afternoons, selling more fruits to increase her income.

Specially, after attending a financial management training course, the couple has learned how to control their expenses. Now they have enough capital to open a small car paint shop for the husband to be in charge of.

Sharing about her plan, she wants the couple’s business to be favorable, when the debt is paid off and the economy is stable, the couple will consider repairing the house to make it more spacious.

Name: Chu Thi Vuong Country: Vietnam Business: roasting duck Local MVM partner: VietED Microfinance

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