Planning for the future

Phung Thi Ly is 29 years old. She is married and has 3 kids, two of them go to primary school but one is still very young. She currently works on a small farm where she raises pigs. She also grows fruit and can make upwards of 10 million a month from selling them. This season she is growing and selling grapefruits. She’s been selling fruit for 10 years since she graduated high school. Her husband is a truck driver but she is still the main source of income for her family. Since her husband also works, she cannot manage all of the fruit on her own, so she pays someone to collect it. She is currently on her first loan from VietED. The funding from the loan allows her to invest in and expand her fruit business. She prefers the micro loans because they’re easier. She can pay them monthly or weekly and it suits her business well. A bigger loan would allow her to buy her own truck. She is mostly saving for her children and for the future, and is currently making enough to save.

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