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Alternative food safety

Tran Thi Nguyet grows bananas and dragon fruit and also raises livestock such as chickens and ducks, which are her main sources of income. She couldn’t keep up with raising pigs so she moved to chickens because the process is faster. She can sell around 30 eggs a day for 4k each. In one month she can earn around 3 million from the eggs. Every product she sells she makes sure is clean (ducks, birds, chickens). She only sells the healthy ones, and really only sells to farmers that she knows. She’s really proud of the quality of her product, and wants to make a premium brand. She wants more money to expand the number of chickens and ducks. The eggs from these animals are a general source of income, and the land produces natural food. She uses traditional medicine on the produce instead of vaccines and antibiotics because she believes the vaccines aren’t safe. She says it’s safe to raise livestock because the land is very clean and natural. While this way of providing clean food without vaccinations may be questioned by others, she says she only provides the best quality possible, and no one has ever gotten sick.  Every month she repays 700k, which includes compulsory and savings money. She also wants to increase her loan size by two or three times so that she can expand her business. She also believes that training is really useful because it can help increase capacity. She’s one of the few people that put trust into a financial institution like VietED. Most people in Ba Vi do not trust these institutions, but she believes that the success from her loan will help spread trust and awareness in micro finance institutions like VietED.

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